Simple, yet versatile, our minimalist jewelry stands the test of time.

As a kid, I was fascinated with my grandfather's sign shop, and I loved watching him paint! He got me started with basic hand tools, and I loved drawing and making projects using a variety of mediums. When I was in college, music took over my focus as I pursued a singing/songwriting career that led me from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, where I worked in the exciting music business. A friend taught me basic jewelry-making skills, and I was instantly hooked! I returned to Austin and gave up the music business and office life to pursue making jewelry full time, and the artistry of the craft continues to be endlessly fascinating. I love seeking out new techniques that enable me to design a range of styles. Sometimes the process is really an adventure, evolving into completely different designs from my original idea, and I just love it.

Think of me as your personal jeweler! I know that sometimes you’re looking for earrings or a necklace that tells your story — custom jewelry that captures your particular spunk or sassy attitude. I’d love to create a design just for you. Shoot me an email.

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- Jennie

Fun Tidbits About Me!
• Spent summer babysitting money on 6 months of dance lessons when I was 14
• I’ve been in five bar bands - sang, played guitar, drums and keyboards
• Love traveling - been to Europe, the Bahamas, Baja Mexico and around the U.S.
• Played the snare drum, timpani, and drum kit in 3 bands in high school
• Worked in Hollywood in the music business!

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