While working a temp job in the early 90’s, I struck up a friendship with a girl who made seed bead jewelry for fun. She showed me some basic techniques, we’d shop for beads, and I would eventually sell some of her jewelry in local stores. I had always been a maker and artist as a kid, but jewelry was a new and thrilling art form for me. I was hooked. When the time came for me to give up the office life, I decided to pursue making jewelry full time and started selling in local markets and art shows. I’ve been making jewelry ever since and find it endlessly fascinating! I love that I can keep learning new techniques to make different kinds of jewelry. All in the name of making you—the customer—happy.

Starting with one idea and then seeing how that piece can change and evolve into something I never dreamed of is what makes this an exciting profession. I really like working with metal, natural stones and pearls. The longer I work with these materials, the deeper I get into it. There are so many different techniques to try out when creating jewelry, and that exploration is what enchants me. Helping you find something you’ll love is why I do what I do. I like to tell people that I’m their personal jeweler—I’ll help you personalize it, customize it, and get it just right for what you want and need. When you have something that makes you joyful, then I’ve done my job right. That’s what it’s all about.

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- Jennie

Fun Tidbits About Me, Jennie!
• Spent summer babysitting money on 6 months of dance lessons when I was 14
• I’ve been in five bar bands - sang, played guitar, drums and keyboards
• Love traveling - been to Europe, the Bahamas, Baja Mexico and around the U.S.
• Played the snare drum, timpani, and drum kit in 3 bands in high school
• Worked in Hollywood in the music business!

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