Meet The Maker

Hi, I'm Jennie M. Bennett, designer and founder of J. Bennett Gems.
While pursuing a music career in Los Angeles, I fell in love with jewelry making and went into it full time when I returned to Austin, Texas.
You’ll find that I have an eclectic aesthetic in my designing. It reflects my love of simplicity, quality, and wearability.
I use a variety of techniques to make my jewelry that include fabrication with a torch, wire wrapping, cold forging with hand tools, and hammered stamping. I continue to learn new techniques that open and expand my design ideas.
Overall, my passion is making beautiful jewelry that accents you and your natural beauty!

Fun Facts!
• Spent summer babysitting money on 6 months of dance lessons when I was 14.
• I’ve been in five bar bands - sang, played guitar, drums and keyboards.
• Love traveling - been to Europe, the Bahamas, Baja Mexico and around the U.S.
• Played the snare drum, timpani, and drum kit in 3 bands in high school.
• Worked in Hollywood in the music business.
• Love nature and the great outdoors.

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