It's So Fun!!

I got into jewelry making as something fun to do with a friend, and it's still fun and exciting to this day!

I've always enjoyed working with my hands. When I was nine years old I got my favorite, all time Christmas gift - my very own tool kit. I used those hand tools to make projects out in my dad's workshop with wood scraps. I loved coming up with an idea, working out how to make the parts, and putting the whole thing together as a finished project. I also did a lot of drawing for fun and making birthday cards for family members. For school projects, I used popsicle sticks and poster board. I even experimented with pottery and painting, too.

The cool thing about working with jewelry is that I've been able to pull from my experience of doing all kinds of art and crafts in my life. I love the idea of coming up with a concept and doing the problem-solving to complete it. Part of the fun of it is seeing how a piece changes and evolves from an original idea into something way better. A lot of times that's how I get new ideas.

Making jewelry is endlessly fascinating. There's so many different techniques to create different styles of jewelry. I love exploring with it, and I'm enchanted by it.

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