Meet The Maker - Jennie M. Bennett

After spending a decade and a half as a singer/songwriter in several bands, I found my calling as a designer and maker of modern artisan jewelry.

As a kid, I loved drawing and making things from tossed out plywood, posterboard and popsicle sticks, and in my late 20s, I found that love again making bead jewelry as something fun to do with a friend. In my first art markets, I fell in love with wire jewelry and then fabricated jewelry. Friends were so sweet and showed me the basics of working with a torch, and I was hooked! I’ve taken a class here and there, but I’m mostly self taught as a metalsmith.

It’s so exciting and satisfying to start with raw materials to create something wonderful and meaningful! I find inspiration everywhere and in anything, including art, nature, archaeology, local culture, geometric shapes, textures and the holidays. I’ve always been fascinated with minimalist design of architecture and everyday things. When you add in my rock’n’roll, down-home Texas vibe, you’ve got me and my work in a nutshell! These days, I’m blessed to handmake my jewelry and ornaments in my Central Texas studio nestled amidst the dense, wild oak trees in Austin, Texas above Barton Creek.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. You're why I do what I do. You make my business possible for me to live a creative life!

My mission is to spread joy and happiness. I hope you enjoy my work and find something you love for yourself or for someone you love!


P.S. You're welcome to send me a convo. I'm always here to answer questions! :)

Fun Facts!
• Spent summer babysitting money on 6 months of dance lessons when I was 14.
• I’ve been in five bar bands - sang, played guitar, drums and keyboards.
• Love traveling - been to Europe, the Bahamas, Baja Mexico and throughout the U.S.
• Played the snare drum, timpani, and drum kit in 3 bands in high school.
• Worked in Hollywood in the music business.
• Love nature and the great outdoors.
• Love movie musicals especially from the golden era of the the 1930s, '40s and '50s and live theater.
• Love to read historical fiction.

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